What Makes Plus Size Graphic T Shirt Trendy?

plus-size-graphic-t-shirtDress up using a exquisite pair of jeans or maybe a denim skirt with one of fashionable plus size tees in the market today. This wardrobe casual clothing style isn’t just making its way back into stardom, but is also a popular trend style that you can whenever you’re on a date, spending a day at the amusement park or maybe shopping with your best friend. The possibilities for plus size garments are just never-ending so never underestimate it.

What makes a particular tee shirt fashionable?

Style is undoubtedly a issue of one’s own personal taste and this comprises printed shirts and other casual tops which you want to wear. Not everyone loves to wear tee shirts. For others, they only appear to be nonchalant or easygoing to wear for movies or even dining out with friends. However, there are also people who thing that fashionable shirts can be overly ‘dressy’ to wear at a child’s football game or at the grocery store. There are others who’d choose to live in tee shirts because they are comfy and very easy to wear. Just throw a pair of yoga pants or jeans and you can already end up heading out that door. So what are some of the things that make a plus size tees trendy? A tee shirt design right in the front part is what makes these tops be a cut above the rest. Plus size graphic t shirt designs can be artistic pictures, bold emblems or funky graphics. A specific style becomes a fashion trend when people begin donning on it. It can come from a famous Hollywood star wearing it initially and then the designer mass produces the garment. Either way, as soon as you see it in style magazines and shops, then it is a craze people adopt these days.

Wearing your Fashionable Shirt

An individual’s fashion preferences will dictate which type of trendy plus size tee shirts you’ll be able to purchase and wear. Some of today’s style tops have longer spans that cover any midriff flaws you may want to conceal. Wear a tee shirt to your edge. If you think you have a fine chest to showcase, and decide something that flatters it. Throw a nice pair of jeans and heels for an evening in town. Wear it with capris, yoga pants or even fine short pants for daytime use. For colder months, wear a long sleeved top underneath your tee shirt for a fine layered look.

Keep your top layout simple. Active and bold prints may clash and can make your chest or midriff seem bigger than actual size.


3 tips on feeling good about yourself regardless of size

Do you wake up every day feeling unworthy because of your size? Studies found that individuals in all shapes and sizes tend to experience this and indulge in their negative body image. With images of perfect models looking amazing just days after giving birth, we often compare our bodies and feel low as to why our bodies couldn’t do the same thing. Well we’ve got the best solution to this problem.

Here are 3 tips on feeling good about yourself regardless of size:

Tip #1: Buy Clothing That Makes You Feel GOOD

Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable, happy and well pulled together. IGNORE THE SIZE IT SAYS ON THE LABEL. There’s nothing health about starving your body just to fit a size smaller. Stressing yourself about your dress size will only ruin your day and damage your body image.

Tip #2: Encourage Yourself

Every day, allow yourself to stare at the mirror and talk good to yourself. Remember, only YOU can make yourself feel good and complete. Always remind yourself of how beautiful you are, inside and out. A little daily remember will help go a long way.

Tip #3: Move Your Body

Exercising and eating healthy makes it harder for you to hate your body. Remember that it is YOUR body that gets you moving every day, giving birth, carrying groceries and even having amazing sex with your spouse. Allow yourself to spend an hour of “Me-time” and spend it breaking a sweat. Allow yourself to express your creativity. Whatever you do, work close to making you feel good about yourself.

Make the change for positive NOW. Regardless of what your size is, don’t let it define you. You are a beautiful human being. Be the type of change that you want to see in this size-obsessed world. Accept love and take care of your body.


5 reasons why losing weight is so important

From protecting against heart disease to having clear skin, here are 5 reasons why losing weight is so important.

Protect Your Elbows and Knees

As we get older, our bodies will start to experience Osteoarthritis, which we lose cartilage and slowly destroy our joints. Our joints will start to feel painful as moving will become a challenge. So what does this have to do with losing weight? Obesity increases the risk of osteoarthritis. Losing weight and working out will reduce the risk of joint pain and help strength your mobility.

You Will Sleep Better

When your body contains high amounts of body fat, this will make your airway prone to collapsing. Sleep apnea means that your body will stop breathing over and over as the fat in your upper body closes the space in your airways.

You will Start Tasting Food – yes, we mean it!

People with high levels of BMI seem to avoid different foods as they develop a “disgust” response. According to research, people with excess body fat tend to have an altered flavor perception. By losing weight, you will end up craving less high and fat, and maybe enjoy veggies more.

Your Immune System Will Improve

Losing weight means you can have a healthier response to your immune system. This means less illness, few infections and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Your Body will Recover from Childbirth and Surgery Faster

Individuals with high amounts of body fat tend to have a harder time giving birth or recovering surgery. They tend to have a higher risk of catheter infection and post-operative complications. For a speedy recovery, having a healthy BMI will increase the better outcome.

Aside from losing weight to fit into your skinny jeans, these 5 reasons explain why it’s so important. Having a happy health range will improve your overall health and give you a better outlook on life.



The 4 biggest plus size clothing stores online

Bid goodbye to the days when us plus-sized girls struggled with looking for sexy and stylish clothes that flatter our bodies in the best way.

Today, we’re got plus-sized clothing stores all over the world along with the top stylists and editors dedicated to the curvy cause. Check out the 4 biggest plus size clothing stores online.



What woman doesn’t love ASOS? This site caters to customers in all shapes and sizes. Their plus size line is called ASOS Curve, which is considered to contain the most options for full-figured women on the market. Their sizes range from 18-30. With ASOS Curve, no curvy woman will ever have to go without the stylish accessories like socks, jewelry, belts and more. They’ve got everything you need to look amazing in your size.



This UK based retailer offers trendy and affordable clothing to their curvy and fashion-conscious customers. Ranging from sizes 16 to 24, the styling team takes inspiration from the catwalks and street style with their eyes and ears on the next big trend.

City Chic


Ranging from sizes 14-24, City Chic is a stylish brand based in Australia. The curvy editors definitely set their style apart as the curvy editors have created glamorous clothing that’s sexy, flattering and bold for every full-figured woman. They’ve got clothing for every occasion and even lingerie. Since their launch in 2008, City Chic continues to design modern fashion for the women with curves.



It seems like the Aussies have got plus-sized fashion down as Autograph is another Aussie-based plus-size online website. Autograph offers hot quality style at an affordable price. They take pride in offering curvy women a range of styles. Their sizes range from 14 to 26.

Check out these 4 biggest plus size clothing stores online for your next trendy purchase.